9 Aug 2010

No legal provision for recount in Solomon's constituency where votes destroyed

6:49 am on 9 August 2010

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission says there is no legal provision for a recount in the constituency where a ballot box and ballot papers were destroyed on Friday night.

It says counting will resume in Malaita today after it was suspended on Friday because ballot papers were burnt by a crowd of about 200 people angry about reports of votebuying and bribery.

The chair of the commission Sir Peter Kenilorea says they have received written requests for a recount in the Lau Mbaelelea constituency, but he says this is not possible.

"The law does not give us authority to authorise a recount so any grievances that is related to the process has to be left to the entire process, at the end of which, the only important recourse is through the courts."

Sir Peter says aggrieved candidates can lodge a petition in the High Court, which has the authority to order a re-election.