5 Aug 2010

Nauru laments being dragged into Australian election controversy

3:31 pm on 5 August 2010

Nauru's President, Marcus Stephen, says his country has been wrongly portrayed for its role in Australia's debate on how to address its asylum seeker problem.

Canberra is controversially looking at revisiting the so-called Pacific Solution under which boat people trying to reach Australia were processed offshore on islands such as Nauru.

Nauru says it is open to discussing any requests from Australia about housing asylum seekers again.

But Mr Stephen says Nauru has also unwittingly been dragged into a contentious Australian election issue.

"We were concerned about the negative media on Nauru, it's like we were part of the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, when that's not a fact, the fact is those people were very well looked after, I guess post elections if they are interested, we are quite happy to accommodate any requests from them."

Nauru's President, Marcus Stephen.