6 Aug 2010

Some backing for Tokelau airstrip idea

8:21 am on 6 August 2010

The leader of one of Tokelau's atolls says there is a lot of support for a proposed airstrip.

The New Zealand Government has asked interested businesses to look at whether or not an airstrip is feasible.

Tokelauans currently rely on a 20-year-old boat for all transport to and from the atolls.

Pio Tuia, the faipule of Nukunonu, where an airstrip is most likely to go, says as the Minister of Health as well, he's behind the idea.

"We have been dealing with a lot of medivacs from Tokelau to Apia and some people lost their lives on the way to the hospital. So by looking at the airstrip, it's going to be a very big help for Tokelau in the very near future. If Tokelau and New Zealand agree, but as the minister, I fully support the idea."

Pio Tuia.