5 Aug 2010

Vote counting underway in Solomon Islands

8:44 am on 5 August 2010

Vote counting is underway in Solomon Islands following an election that the authorities are proclaiming as relatively trouble free.

Security is expected to be tight around counting stations, in line with the strong police and military presence on election day.

Jo O'Brien reports from Honiara.

"Electoral officials will begin counting votes today after plans to start counting last night were scrap because concerns security could be compromised in darkness. In Honiara the count will take place at the local police club and the police commissioner, Peter Marshall, says he is not expecting any nonsense to occur during the counting process. That's expected to take about four days with the first results coming in today. Peter Marshall also says there were no reports of significant incidents during the voting yesterday with just two arrests. He has thanked the people of Solomon Islands for helping to achieve a peaceful election."