4 Aug 2010

Peaceful start to Solomon Islands elections

8:53 am on 4 August 2010

There has been a peaceful start to the election in Solomon Islands with voters descending on polling booths.

But there are reports there could be tension in the capital today because of controversy over voting lists.

Jo O'Brien.

"Truckloads of people are pouring into a polling booth in West Honiara keen to beat the crowds that are expected later today. There are a handful of police monitoring this booth alone. That follows controversy about a registration of non-residents in the West Honiara constituency. The Honiara election manager says the city could be an area of conflict but he has talked to a campaign manager to quell any tension. The police commissioner Peter Marshall says he is expected no major incident to occur today and the city does appear calm this morning and was so overnight with a liquor ban in place."