3 Aug 2010

Police in Solomon Islands confident elections will be trouble free

2:02 pm on 3 August 2010

The police in Solomon Islands say they have received no intelligence to suggest there'll be significant trouble on election day, tomorrow.

The Police Commissioner says steps are in place to ensure any problems can be dealt with.

Jo O'Brien reports from Honiara.

"The police chief Peter Marshall says a liquor ban was introduced from midnight [Monday] and a correctional centre is available to accommodate any overflow from the 20 cells at Honiara police station tomorrow. He says police and RAMSI officers have been active in the community and there are no signs of potential flash points. He says there are concerns that boats taking people out to their constituencies are overloaded and could cause considerable loss of life if they capsized. A customs officer says candidates and electionPolice managers have been buying fares so people will return home to vote for them."