2 Aug 2010

Amnesty says Fiji court ruling work of "one brave judge"

6:31 pm on 2 August 2010

Amnesty International New Zealand's chief says a Fiji court ruling clearing a prominent Fiji human rights lawyer signifies the courage of one brave judge rather than a change for the better.

High Court judge Justice Priyantha Fernando cleared Imrana Jalal of all charges relating to operating a restaurant without a licence but her husband still faces one charge.

Patrick Holmes says Ms Jalal, who's just moved to the Philippines, has been bullied out of Fiji and she fears the judge who made the ruling may now be at risk.

"In reality I think this is one brave judge who has done the right thing and recognised that the eyes of the world are upon him and has taken a very sensible decision to throw these charges out. However I suspect that not all judges would feel duty-bound to take the same decision."

Amnesty International New Zealand chief Patrick Holmes