3 Aug 2010

Pacific islands chief trade advisor seeks extra funding

5:31 am on 3 August 2010

The Pacific islands chief trade advisor, Chris Noonan says his office is seeking extra donor funding from partners like the European Union and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The Office of the Chief Trade advisor, OTA is still in its first year of operation and is working with Pacific countries on formal negotiations on the regional agreement PACER Plus with Australia and new Zealand.

Islands officials are preparing Pacific Forum leaders for the latest discussions on PACER Plus ahead of their summit in Port Vila this week this.

Chris Noonan says without additional funding, OCTA will be very constrained in what it can do for Pacific countries.

"The commitment for 3 years from Australia and New Zealand, a political commitment for 3 years from Australia was 500,000 Australian dollars, for New Zealand it was 650,000 NZ dollars for 3 years. The Australia funding is subject to a 12 percent management fee which goes to Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, so it is a little less than was is set."

The Pacific islands Chief Trade Advisor, Chris Noonan.