2 Aug 2010

Fiji police warn they will be strict in enforcing media decree

1:57 pm on 2 August 2010

Fiji's police are warning the local media that they will enforce the media decree strictly.

The editor of the news website, FijiLive, was detained for questioning on Friday night, over a report alleging the Commissioner of Police, Esala Teleni, had been arrested.

A police spokesperson, Ema Mua Dimila, says the report was untrue.

She says police will execute the necessary methods of arrest on anyone who goes against the decree.

"We're actually taking things seriously, because this in itself could be a reason for inciting. Whatever motive was there, has to be investigated, so the processes by which the Fiji police conducts its own is a matter of law."

Fiji police Spokesperson, Ema Mua Dimila.

The Fiji Live website is currently unavailable.