2 Aug 2010

Samoa teacher gets 12 months probation for beating student

4:45 am on 2 August 2010

A teacher in Samoa has escaped a jail sentence for causing bodily harm to a student, leaving bruises on his chin and an eye.

Enele Auva'a, a teacher from Malua Fou College, a school of the Congregational Christian Church in Apia, has pleaded guilty to the charge.

The maximum penalty for such a crime is two years in jail but the district court judge, Tauiliili Fao Harry Schuster, has put Mr Auva'a under probation for 12 months and has imposed a fine of 75 US dollars.

The court has considered in its ruling Mr Auva'a is a first time offender, he has pleaded guilty and has shown remorse.

A school prefect who was ordered by the defendent to chase the victim is also facing a criminal charge relating to the same offence but a warrant has been issued for his arrest because failed to turn up in court.