29 Jul 2010

Uncertainty over when PNG air accident investigation will be completed

7:36 pm on 29 July 2010

Papua New Guinea's senior air accident investigator is unsure whether he'll be able to complete his report into last August's fatal plane crash in Kokoda.

Sid O'Toole has already made preliminary recommendations from his probe into the August 11 incident when the Airlines PNG flight crashed en route to Kokoda, killing all thirteen people on board.

None of his calls for more government action on aviation safety have been taken up yet.

Although the report is nearly complete, the Transport Department has not renewed Mr O'Toole's contract after it expired on July 11.

He says there is uncertainty over his job but that a meeting of the Accident Investigation Commission next week may determine it.

"I understand there may be some discussion about putting me on as an assessor or consultant or whatever you want to call it, so I'm a little unsure about which way it's going to go. Basically I suspect it came back to the fact that I've been so vocal, controversial in my views. I just tell it the way it is."

Sid O'Toole