29 Jul 2010

Opposition raises concerns over planned short parliament session in Cook Islands

7:30 pm on 29 July 2010

The Cook Islands Prime Minister Jim Marurai and his Deputy are being criticised by the Opposition for scheduling overseas travel one day into a new sitting of Parliament.

Parliament is to meet tomorrow to consider the Budget but will be adjourned the following day.

This comes after MPs hadn't met in nearly eight months because Mr Marurai feared a vote of no confidence.

Our correspondent in Rarotonga Flo Syme Buchanan has more:

"The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are leaving for overseas engagements almost immediately after Parliament sits. Deputy Cook Islands Party leader Teina Bishop has been reported saying that the priority is to ensure that the nation has supply and adjourning Parliament to allow overseas travel, by the Prime Minister and his Deputy, is irresponsible. Its understood that the opposition is yet to receive copies of the budget to be tabled in parliament."