28 Jul 2010

Fiji regime told to re-ignite inclusive national political reform dialogue

3:40 pm on 28 July 2010

Fiji's Citizens' Constitutional Forum is calling on the interim Government to re-instigate an inclusive national political dialogue for electoral reforms.

The regime says Pacific countries now support its roadmap towards elections following last week's meeting of leaders in Nadi.

But the CCF chief executive, Reverend Akuila Yabaki, says the Government needs to remain committed to that roadmap.

He says electoral reforms, and the elimination of race based voting, are a critical first step in this process, and is calling for an inclusive political dialogue to be re-instigated at the earliest possible opportunity.

Reverend Yabaki also says the Government needs to acknowledge the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key's reassurance he's prepared to help Fiji financially or in other ways, to ensure that elections take place by 2014.