28 Jul 2010

American Samoa Governor restrained from spending money on celebrations

9:12 am on 28 July 2010

American Samoa's High Court has issued a temporary order restraining top government officials from spending public money on a week-long celebration in Hawai'i without Fono approval.

The Governor Togiola Tulafono has asked the Fono to appropriate fifty thousand US dollars for Samoa Heritage Week next month but the law-making body is now in recess and won't resume until after the celebration's over.

The order's in place until the court hears the case brought by Senator Velega Savali against the governor and treasurer.

He's afraid the government will spend money on the event before the Fono approves the money, which is what happened last year.

The inaugural Samoan Heritage Week was held and the Fono approved $200,000 for the event several weeks after it was held.