27 Jul 2010

Man accused of killing an American Samoa police officer appears in court

3:43 pm on 27 July 2010

The man accused of fatal shooting on a police officer appeared in court in American Samoa this morning.

The man alleged to have shot and killed Detective Lusila Brown outside the High Court, Siaumau Siaumau Jr, has been charged with first degree murder and firearms offences.

According to court documents the defendant had blamed the officer for the arrest of his mother earlier last week.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller, says security was tight around the courthouse.

"He had a blank expression on his face, he is over six feet tall, and I'd guess over 300lbs, he's a very imposing figure. When he walked in, he just sat behind his attorney. He would just nod his head when the judge was saying 'if you understand your constitutional rights', he'd just nod and occasionally say yes. And then when he was led out, he just looked straight ahead, he didn't look at anybody."

Monica Miller says Siaumau Siaumau Jr remains in custody and will re-appear in court next Monday.