27 Jul 2010

Confidence that Solomons election will be trouble free

3:42 pm on 27 July 2010

A former government minister and party leader in Solomon Islands says he's confident next week's election will be troublefree.

The Commonwealth Secretary General Kamelesh Sharma has announced a team of nine observers will arrive in the country tomorrow ahead of the election next Wednesday, while over 60 local observers have been briefed by the Electoral Commission.

Mr Sharma says this is an important election which gives Solomon Islanders an opportunity to further consolidate the stability and democratic gains they have made.

Gordon Darcy Lilo, is the leader of the Party for Rural Advancement, and was environment minister in the last government.

He says the election should proceed peacefully, and will be free and fair.

"I'm really amazed by the awareness and understanding that the people and the voters have about their role and responsibility to make a democratic choice."

Gordon Darcy Lilo