27 Jul 2010

Vanuatu's opposition says Australia and NZ punished Fiji by cancelling MSG

9:08 am on 27 July 2010

The leader of the opposition in Vanuatu has accused Australia and New Zealand of trying to punish Fiji through the cancellation of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Summit.

Maxime Carlot Korman is calling on Vanuatu's Prime Minister Edward Natapei to resign because of his decision to defer the summit, which was to have been hosted and chaired by Fiji.

Mr Korman says he agrees that Fiji's roadmap to democracy is too slow, but says the Pacific way is to continue to discuss rather than cancelling meetings.

He says Mr Natapei's thinking has been influenced by Australia

"Australia because of that regime of coup de tat try and influence Natapei. Australia by the same way influence Natapei, also it was trying to divide, create a division between our Melanesian leaders."

Vanuatu's opposition leader Maxime Carlot Korman.