26 Jul 2010

Hawaiian company planning Samoa casino promises sensitive development

12:29 pm on 26 July 2010

A Hawaiian-based company planning a casino on the Samoa island of Savaii says the development would be sensitive to the people and its culture.

South Pacific Development Group is hoping to be granted a casino licence if a controversial bill allowing gambling in Samoa is passed into law.

Its Chief Executive Officer Jesse James says his company is still searching for a partner to develop the 5 star hotel complete with golf course, time shares and cultural centre.

"I can assure you, we would probably be more responsible in my mind than anyone else I know from outside of Samoa. I can't envision a big casino with blaring neon lights and things that would so be unintegrated with the surrounding culture and the environment."

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Mr James says he's heard two licenses for casinos may be offered and its working with the Samoan government and people as they formulate the gambling law.