26 Jul 2010

Pacific candidates for Auckland super city council get voters on the roll

11:22 am on 26 July 2010

The historic low turnout from the Pacific and Maori population at local body elections in New Zealand is resulting in some Auckalnd super city candidates spending time encouraging people to enrol instead of campaigning.

The national manager of the electoral enrolment centre says areas with big Pacific and Maori Populations traditionally have a low sign-up rate.

Murray Wicks says Pacific Island and Maori candidates are doing the right thing encouraging community members to get on the roll.

Leatuli Peter Skelton, who is standing for the Mangere Otahuhu Community Board, says his team's effort saw twenty people enrol on Saturday, including some who don't speak English.

A community board candidate in Tamaki,Chris Makoare, says low income Maori and Pacific Islanders often don't see voting as a priority.