23 Jul 2010

New Zealand and Australia told opportunity lost by boycotting Fiji meeting

1:55 pm on 23 July 2010

Fiji's interim government says New Zealand and Australia are missing out on an update on the progress Fiji has made.

The regime is hosting Pacific leaders and representatives at a summit, organised in place of the cancelled Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting.

The government's spokeswoman, Sharon Johns, says the leaders have given Fiji a positive response.

"Australia and New Zealand aren't here so they are missing out on an update. They are missing out on talking to other nations. It's a very positive meeting and it would have been a great opportunity for Australia and New Zealand to come and to listen and to see where Fiji has come."

Sharon Johns says if New Zealand and Australia want to talk to Fiji, they need to go there.

Last month the Fiji interim leader rescinded an invitation for the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group to visit Fiji.