22 Jul 2010

Lawsuit filed in American Samoa High Court

4:48 pm on 22 July 2010

A lawsuit's been filed in American Samoa's High Court stopping the government from spending money without Fono approval on next month's Samoan Heritage Week in Hawai'i.

Last week Governor Togiola Tulafono, who's named in the lawsuit, submitted a 50,000 dollar appropriation bill for funding of the event for legislative approval.

However the Fono entered a mid-session recess the day after receiving the bill.

In the lawsuit, Senator Velega Savali asks the court to issue a preliminary injunction to bar the government from spending public funds on the event without prior Fono approval pending a court hearing.

At a court hearing on the matter Velega requested a permanent injunction on government spending of public money without prior legislative approval.

Samoan Heritage Week in Hawai'i is set for August the 8th until the 14th and the Fono reconvenes on August the 16th.