22 Jul 2010

CNMI election in doubt

8:04 am on 22 July 2010

The November election in the Northern Mariana Islands is in doubt, because there's no money available to fund it.

The Commonwealth has had severe financial problems in recent months, and neither the Fitial administration nor the Legislature have been able to find the money required to run the election.

The executive director of the election commission, Robert Guerrero, says they've estimated the election will cost 128-thousand dollars.

"Without funds there's no way for us to run an election, you know, there's a lot of things that come to play - the ballots have to be printed by a certain time, we have to get costs for mailing these ballots, and that's just the pre-election stuff. Election day we have to pay our workers, we have to rent cars for our confined workers, we have to provide meals."

Robert Guerrero says it would be a violation of the constition if the election wasn't held.

He says the U.S government isn't required to give the CNMI financial help, becuase it wasn't included in the Help America Vote Act.