22 Jul 2010

PNG Prime Minister threatens to kill after no confidence vote thwarted

6:03 am on 22 July 2010

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea has threatened to kill an opposition member after his government thwarted a vote of no confidence by adjourning parliament.

The speaker Jeffery Nape, who is an ally of the Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare adjourned parliament until November 16 after the opposition tabled a motion of no confidence yesterday morning.

There were wild scenes after the speaker refused to count numbers when the opposition claimed they had enough to stop the adjournment.

AAP reports the Prime Minister later crossed the floor and shouted in pidgin at MP Sam Basil "if you were outside I would kill you."

The opposition, which has been swelled by a mass government defection including three key ministers, says it will continue its efforts to topple the government

The deputy leader oppostion leader, Bart Philemon, says he doubts the Speaker acted constitutionally in adjourning Parliament.

He says they are investigating whether they can force an early recall, but he is not hopeful.

"From memory the only provision in Parliament for recalling Parliament outside of the normal sessions is one of national emergency only, so we need to check and I need to get advice from our people as to whether there is any other provision that provides for the majority of the members of Parliament, 55, to recall Parliament, for whatever reasons."