21 Jul 2010

Major malaria research programme to be conducted in Solomons and PNG

4:19 pm on 21 July 2010

Scientists studying the eradication of malaria in Papua New Guinea are hoping their research can lead to better ways of controlling the disease.

Case Western Reserve University in the United States has received a 7.9 million US dollar grant to carry out a seven-year malaria research project in PNG and Solomon Islands.

The Deputy Director of Science at the PNG Institute of Medical Research, Dr Ivo Mueller, says the study will look at the effectiveness of programmes to control and eradicate malaria in the two countries.

"We are just going to do some regular surveys of the population, where we just go out and look in the general population, who is carrying the parasite and whether this is changing in time; if it is actually reducing. On the other hand we will also monitor how many people do get sick and what malaria species they get sick on."

Dr Ivo Mueller from the PNG Institute of Medical Research.