21 Jul 2010

Rice shortage in Solomon Islands Malaita provincial capital

10:50 am on 21 July 2010

A shortage of rice in the Malaita provincial capital, Auki has affected the price of root crops and vegetables in the local markets.

Joseph Ramo, a store owner in Auki told SIBC News that rice stocks in Auki have run out - and people are finding it hard to supplement local food crops and vegetables.

Mr Ramo says rice supplies ran out one week ago, and a rice shipment from Honiara which arrived in Auki early in the week sold out at unusually high prices.

He says people were struggling against each other just to get a bag of Solrais rice from the ship.

Mr Ramo says the price of local root crops, fruits and vegetables at the Auki local market are sky-rocketing.