20 Jul 2010

Digicel to launch scheme to allow Pacific remittances to be sent by phone

3:24 pm on 20 July 2010

The telecommunications company, Digicel, says it plans to develop a system in Australia and New Zealand to allow remittances to be paid to Pacific Island countries via mobile phones.

Digicel, which has mobile networks across a number of Pacific countries, has just launched its Mobile Money Service in Fiji and is looking at new projects in the region.

Digicel's Stephen Breen says there's strong demand from Pacific Islanders in Australia and New Zealand wanting to send money to their families in the islands.

"There's a number of different channels for international remittances to work and we are talking to a number of partners in New Zealand and in Australia. And it's early days yet. We're really focussing on the mobile money in Fiji but then we will look at opening up different channels and different partnerships."

Stephen Breen says it'll provide a fast, convenient and safe way for remittances to be paid.