20 Jul 2010

Native Hawaiian Reorganisation bill unlikely to succeed says publisher

9:57 am on 20 July 2010

A newspaper publisher says renewed efforts to get a Native Hawaiian Reorganisation bill passed by the U.S. Senate are unlikely to succeed.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs backed recent changes to the bill which would allow limited self government for native Hawaiians.

It is also backed by Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle.

But the Hawaii Independent newspaper's, Ikaika Hussey, says he doubts the bill will even be considered given other economic priorities, though it's a politically opportune time.

"Well it comes on the heels of Governor Lingle's veto of civil unions legislation and it was a very unpopular veto. It also comes after Senator Inoyue ascends to the most senior rank in the U.S. Senate but I don't believe that there's an actual chance this bill will pass."

Ikaika Hussey.