19 Jul 2010

NGOs in Papua New Guinea intend marching despite police ban

8:33 pm on 19 July 2010

In the Papua New Guinea capital, Port Moresby, marchers calling for a change of government intend going ahead with a march tomorrow despite police opposition.

A coalition of NGOs plans to mark the opening of Parliament by voicing anger at Government actions.

It comes as factions within the Government push for Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to stand down, while the Opposition is planning a vote of no confidence.

The Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, says he won't allow a march, saying his priority's public safety.

But Effrey Dademo of Act Now says they want a say in the formation of a new government.

She says they want to register their dissatisfaction with recent controversial laws, such as the environmental amendments.

"That's an issue that they are trying to put on the forefront and make sure whoever forms this next government must know that people are saying that those kind of laws, including changes to the Organic Law on the Leadership Code - these are also looked into."