19 Jul 2010

Tonga newspaper operators in the dark about planned Government media curbs

1:44 pm on 19 July 2010

A newspaper editor in Tonga says more clarification is needed on the government's moves to regulate print media in the Kingdom.

Last week the Minister of Information and Communication revealed plans to legislate controls of Tonga's print media to match the Government-regulated broadcasting environment.

Matangi Tonga Online's Pesi Fonua says the people need to know more detai about the Government's plans to remove Tonga's constitutional protection of a free print media.

"So now if their intention is to do something similar with the print, I dont really know what their referring to, whether it's just for the government paper or for privately owned newspapers as well."

Matangi Tonga Online's Pesi Fonua

In 2003, publishers took their case to the Supreme Court over Government attempts to enforce similar controls over the print media, and won.