15 Jul 2010

Australian government not doing enough to stop aid fraud

5:03 pm on 15 July 2010

Australia's Council for International Development says the Australian Government's not doing enough to prevent the misuse of aid funding.

The comment follows reports by the Herald Sun newspaper of ongoing investigations into Australian aid fraud, mainly in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

The council's executive director says the head of the government's aid agency told a Senate Committee in June that 66 cases of fraud, totalling almost 880 thousand US dollars, were being investigated.

Mark Purcell says the government has to do more to stop systemic corruption.

"It just reinforces that you need more systemic approaches, getting partner governments to sign on to internationally-agreed standards around combatting corruption and increasing transparency and the Australian government needs to really actively push that rather than be in a reactive position of just purely investigating issues of corruption as they come up one by one."

The head of Australia's Council for International Development, Mark Purcell.