16 Jul 2010

Tuvalu government focuses on needs of individual outer islands

9:01 am on 16 July 2010

Tuvalu's government says it's placing a renewed emphasis on the development of outer islands.

Approaching the country's general election in September, Home Affairs Minister Willie Telavi says that outer island development was previously neglected due to too much focus on the idea of national development.

The tiny country's leadership faces enormous geographical and financial challenges in delivering basic services to the eight atolls that make up Tuvalu.

Mr Telavi says a new approach focussing on development for the islands as individual entities is beginning to address the many different needs of the atolls.

"In previous years there has been very little focus on the outer islands by central government. We were more looking at national development rather than focussing on the islands themselves, as to the needs of the people."