14 Jul 2010

Small Pacific countries voice anger at UN at slow progress in climate change funding

4:50 pm on 14 July 2010

A grouping of Pacific countries at the United Nations are frustrated over the lack of progress in providing money for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.

The Pacific Small Island Developing States met at a briefing with the UN Secretary General's Advisory Group on Climate Change Finance this week.

Moera Tuilaepa Taylor reports.

"The Advisory Group has been tasked with evaluating potential long-term sources of funding for adaptation and mitigation projects. However, the Group's recommendations are not expected until late October, just weeks before the climate change conference in Mexico. Nauru's Permanent UN Representative and Chair of the Pacific body at the briefing, Marlene Moses, says climate change is a man-made disaster and redress for the damage being done to their islands is long overdue. She also says the small Pacific states consider the target figure of 100 billion US dollars per year grossly inadequate. The Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations, Peter Thomson, says developed countries have an obligation to help non-developing countries prepare for the inevitable climate change impacts expected in the future."