13 Jul 2010

Total eclipse boosts tourism revenue on Mangaia in Cook Islands

10:04 am on 13 July 2010

A tourism operator in Rarotonga says a total eclipse yesterday morning has significantly boosted tourism revenue on Mangaia in the Cook Islands and elsewhere in the region.

The eclipse was observable in the Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Easter Island, southern Chile and Argentina.

Rohan Ellis of Cook Islands Natura Holidays, says it chartered a plane so enthusiasts could view the eclipse while airborne.

He says their clients were happy and so were the locals who've hosted many eclipse visitors through the weekend.

"There's a huge economic buzz going on in the island, everybody is involved and people from villagers from all over Mangaia are contributing to make sure that all 400 visitors to Mangaia are well catered for."

Rohan Ellis.

Air Rarotonga put on extra flights to the outer island to accommodate demand.