13 Jul 2010

Nauru Opposition angry over Speaker dumping

10:01 am on 13 July 2010

The leader of the main Opposition group in the Nauru Parliament, says the caretaker president had no right to sack the Speaker last week.

Marcus Stephen dumped Speaker, Aloysius Amwano, after one week, saying he was deliberately and needlessly prolonging a political impasse that has dragged on for months.

Following the sacking Mr Stephen extended a state of emergency and adjourned Parliament until further notice.

But the Opposition's Baron Waqa says the Speaker had delayed proceedings while he waited for an apology from two Cabinet Ministers who had abused him.

Mr Waqa says the actions of the caretaker President are inappropriate and his group do not accept them.

"For Government to keep on doing these sorts of things - removing the Speaker while there's a process in place to require two Ministers to apologise. And this is a Speaker that we have elected in and there's no reason for the President to do that, to remove him from his position. We are not recognising that."