12 Jul 2010

Nauru state of emergency extended, Parliament adjourned until further notice

2:08 pm on 12 July 2010

The caretaker President in Nauru, Marcus Stephen, has extended a state of emergency and adjourned Parliament until further notice.

This comes after the Opposition boycotted a Parliamentary meeting on Friday amid a months' long political stalemate.

Despite two elections the 18 MPs have not been able to fulfil the requirements needed to allow Parliament to function, most particularly to elect a President.

Aloysius Amwano, elected Speaker on June 30th, was sacked last week by Mr Stephen who claimed he was deliberately and needlessly prolonging the impasse by frustrating efforts to elect a President.

A state of emergency was first issued a month ago amid concerns the impasse threatened the economy and left the Government unable to meet its financial commitments.

In a statement explaining why the state of emergency had been extended Mr Stephen says there'd been numerous attempts to resolve the stalemate and his group had reached agreement last week, only for Opposition MPs to boycott Parliament and stymie any vote on the presidency.