12 Jul 2010

Possible vote of no-confidence against PNG Prime Minister

10:13 am on 12 July 2010

Papua New Guinea's Western Province Governor Dr Bob Danaya is warning a vote of no-confidence in Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is imminent.

As the Constitution does not allow any vote of no-confidence in a prime minister 18 months before the next general elections, a vote must be called by the end of the year.

PNG will go to the polls in a general election in July or August 2012.

Bob Danaya told the newspaper, the National, that the opposition will move a vote of no-confidence, but says he doesn't know what strategy they will use.

A legal source told the newspaper that anyone wanting to move a vote must give seven days notice first when Parliament is sitting.

At present, there is no notice of a vote of no-confidence before Parliament, so one would have to be introduced whern Parliament sits next week, or in November when it sits for the budget.