10 Jul 2010

Fiji's revised budget shows a reduction in govt spending

9:50 am on 10 July 2010

Details of Fiji's revised budget show a reduction in government expenditure, although some ministries have received extra funds.

Fiji Village reports the budget has now been gazetted as an appropriation amendment decree.

It shows government spending has been reduced by almost 38 million US dollars.

That includes a five million dollar budget reduction for the Education Ministry, a 4.5 million dollar fall for the Health Ministry, a 10 million dollar drop for Public Utilities and Energy, while the national planning budget is down 4 million.

However, the military's budget has increased by four million dollars, the Justice Ministry by one million, and another five million will be focussed on agriculture.

The budget for the Provincial Development ministry has more than doubled to 24 million US dollars, while the Works and Transport budget has been boosted by 14 million to 86 million dollars.

Its hoped these funds will see the development of infrastructure projects.

Officials say some of the budget reductions have been made because some projects are not ready.