9 Jul 2010

Concerns surf decree in Fiji may hurt businesses

7:50 am on 9 July 2010

There are concerns in Fiji that opening up all surf spots to the public from today, may hurt businesses that have held special licenses for surf breaks.

Last week, the interim regime issued a decree, eliminating exclusive licenses held by some hotels.

The Matanivusi surf resort on the Coral Coast has held an exclusive license for three years.

Its owner Brian McDonald is concerned the decree, which comes into effect today, may have negative repercussions.

"I think it's a worry for us, in that we will probably lose some tourists who choose to go to other places around the world. Because it's not just Fiji that we're competing with. It's the worldwide surf destination, surf holiday areas."

Brian McDonald says surfers will be looking for surf breaks that are free from overcrowding.