8 Jul 2010

Samoa police admit slowness in assault response

11:55 am on 8 July 2010

The police in Samoa have condeded an indecent assault case may not have been investigated as promptly as it should have been because the defendant was a police inspector.

Fineaso Aimaasu was found guilty last week of five counts of indecent assault, committed in 2006.

The length of time it took for the case to be heard was mentioned in the judges rulling.

The Police Assistant Commissioner, Leaupepe Fatu, says the investigation may have been delayed and records relating to the case misplaced because the accused was a policeman.

"I confirm that it took some time to get this matter before the court. I think it's far to say that it was the failure of previous administration to make timely decisions, that's why there was that delay."

Leaupepe Fatu says he is not aware of a death threat received by the Samoa Victim Support Group.

There is suspicion the threat may be linked to the police inspector's case, because the group helped the victim pursue his complaint.