7 Jul 2010

Call for protection of Vanuatu excavation site

6:40 pm on 7 July 2010

A ni-Vanuatu archaeologist says he's hoping a culturally significant excavation site on the island of Efate can be protected under local law.

Archaeologists were surprised to unearth two well preserved skeletons of infants, believed to be 3,000 years old.

The Vanuatu Culture Centre's Richard Shing says he hopes the site can be preserved for future generations to see the many Lapita skeletons and pottery unearthed there.

"We have just passed a law that protects cultural sites and archaeological sites too From that archaeological perspective we're working on trying to protect the site from further disturbances."

Richard Shing says he's overseeing an exhibition of artifacts discovered at the site to coincide with Vanuatu Independence celebrations Day.

The exhibition will go to Paris in November.

The site at Teouma was discovered by chance six years ago when a bulldozer removed topsoil.