5 Jul 2010

Solomons electoral drama used to get message out

10:16 am on 5 July 2010

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is using drama to get its key election messages out to the provinces.

It's now just a month until the general election and the Commission has begun to roll out its provincial voter awareness program.

The program began last week in Malaita Province, and teams of electoral officers and performers from the Sei Theatre drama group plans plan to tour all the provinces before the election.

Election Training Advisor Francis Iro says the theatre group is dramatising the voting process, including the correct marking of ballot papers and inking fingers to prevent people from voting twice.

He says drama and singing are frequently part of festivities in Solomon Islands, and have proven to be effective in delivering information during previous elections

"It fit in with the communities I think, when things are dramatised that's when the message is really clear to people. When they laugh, they enjoy it and at the same time they learn things from it."

Francis Iro says the theatre group has received a good response from the villages so far.