5 Jul 2010

Claims women will be a force in Bougainville politics in five years

8:17 am on 5 July 2010

An activist in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville, says in another five years women there will be a major political force.

Hona Holan, who's with the Bougainville Women's Federation, came fourth in the race for the North Bougainville Women's seat in the May elections.

Women had been expected to perform well in open seats while a former Cabinet Minister, Madeleine Toroansi, contested the presidency.

But they all fared poorly.

Ms Holan says another five years is needed to raise awareness about the importance of getting more women elected

"What women leaders are doing now is going around, giving awareness to the women, that women should support women, yeah educating the village women because sometimes they get controlled by the men. I think that is why we didn't see any women elected when standing for the single seats and the president."