2 Jul 2010

Marshalls parliament set to change with corporate plan

12:38 pm on 2 July 2010

The speaker of the Marshall Islands parliament, Alvin Jacklick, has called for a radical course change for the country as he approved the parliament's first corporate plan.

Mr Jacklick and the Clerk, Gary Ueno, formally signed the 26-page plan that aims to improve operations of the national parliament.

He says the plan is the culmination of a parliamentary strengthening project started under then-Speaker Litokwa Tomeing and continued by then-Speaker, now President Jurelang Zedkaia with the support of the United Nations Development Program.

The Speaker has vowed to cut excess spending from the parliament's budget, saying 16,000 US dollars in allowances for senators will be cut from the next

budget due in parliament next month.

Cabinet has also endorsed plans for trimming 2.6 million dollars off allowances, subsidies, new vehicle purchases and other expenses.