1 Jul 2010

Frustration at PINA's lack of action over Fiji leads to formation of new media group

7:51 am on 1 July 2010

A proposed new Pacific organisation intends promoting media rights and representing all media in the region.

The move follows the failure by the Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA, to speak up on issues such as the Fiji media decree.

The new group says PINA has failed to commit to its core values of defending and standing up for media rights.

It says it's allowed military censorship of the regional Pacnews service and has shown a lack of transparency and accountability in its affairs.

John Woods, the editor of the Cook Islands News, who resigned as vice president of PINA this week, says frustration at the Suva based body's lack of action convinced them a new organisation was needed.

"I guess this is the net result of ongoing inaction and there is no sign that PINA is going to take any action, because all we seem to do is compromise and amend our ways and talk to the Fiji regime as if it's recoverable and as if they are trainable. Well, that is not going to happen."

John Woods says the working title for the new body is the Pacific Media Association.