30 Jun 2010

Spate of violence plagues PNG schools

2:15 pm on 30 June 2010

Several schools in Papua New Guinea have asked police to investigate incidences of violent student brawls and destruction of property.

Mainohana Catholic High School in the Central Province is among several schools affected by recent clashes.

Others are Salamaua High school in Morobe and Fatima Secondary school in the Western Highlands.

The principal of Mainohana, Father Robert McLaughlin, says he had to call in police to find those responsible for setting their school dormitory alight.

He says the recent arson attack was a shock and he blames cult violence among students.

"Obviously the school regards last week in those sorts of circumstances as very serious and the police do and the education board does as well. And that's why we've got police here investigating it. They'll be here for a couple of weeks and visiting the local villages, talking to the village leaders and students that are there and we are hoping to be able to resume at the beginning of next term."

Father Robert McLaughlin says it's lucky the fire didn't cause injury or death.