30 Jun 2010

Job cuts at remaining cannery in American Samoa begins

10:41 am on 30 June 2010

The job cuts at the Star Kist Samoa cannery in American Samoa has started.

Yesterday the cannery began issuing letters to employees who will be the first ones to go.

Workers told KHJ News that those who are affected by the job cuts were told that their services will be terminated effective August 28.

KHJ News understands that up to 300 employees will be released in the first cutbacks effective August 28 and another 300 jobs are to be cut the following month.

Star Kist Samoa is also shutting down for one week, next week.

Employees who spoke with KHJ News said the cannery management has warned them that they will lose their jobs immediately if anyone is found giving information to the media.

The cannery announced in May that it would be laying off between 600 and 800 people at its American Samoa plant.