28 Jun 2010

Casinos not only vice to break down Solomons families

3:23 pm on 28 June 2010

The Solomon Islands Home Affairs Permanent Secretary says there are many causes of family breakups other than casinos.

Last week, the Solomon Islands Democratic Party called for casino licencing legislation to be tightened.

The party says the loss of income in casinos is leading to the breakdown of families, while the National Council of Women says it can also lead to domestic violence.

The Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Fred Fakarii, says a broad review of the Gaming and Lotteries Act will be conducted after the election, when funding can be found.

But he says family savings are not only squandered at casinos.

"The truth is there are people who spend a lot of money in other things. Quick money schemes, people have invested in those things and it's more narrow-mindedness to think that casinos is the only game people spend their money in."

Fred Fakarii says the Gaming Act currently allows for two casinos in Honiara, and no more licences will be granted before the review.