28 Jun 2010

Spat fuels claim Flosse keen to retake presidency

1:21 pm on 28 June 2010

French Polynesia's veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, has rebuked his deputy, Edouard Fritch, for suggesting in the assembly that their party go into opposition.

The admonishment stunned commentators in Tahiti, with Mr Flosse adding that if there is a change soon the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party will be in the majority.

This comes amid splits within the Tahoeraa which has several ministers, including Mr Fritch as vice-president, while remaining opposed to many government policies as well as the current president.

The newspaper, La Depeche, says Mr Flosse's stance signals that he vies to regain the presidency which he had last lost two years ago.

In his address to the assembly, he also launched an attack on French companies, speaking out against them making lots of profit and taking it out of the territory.