25 Jun 2010

Gender-based poverty study not just looking at economics

7:51 am on 25 June 2010

A three-year gender-based poverty study in Fiji aims to form a more detailed picture of what makes women there poor.

Fiji's the only Pacific country involved in the six-country Feminisation of Poverty project funded by the Australian National University and the International Women's Development Agency.

Femlink Pacific, the NGO helping to conduct the Fiji research, says it's different from other poverty studies because it's looking at more than just cash shortages, including issues such as the management of natural resources.

The executive director, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, says researchers are gathering information first from the Indo-Fijian community in Labasa.

"The research process is enabling women to not just think when it comes to poverty, I'm not just thinking about how much cash do I have in my purse but also the other parts of my life where I may not be able to define issues or stand up for my human rights, to stand up for the way I'm treated in a home. It's not just the sort of outright standard poverty issues."