24 Jun 2010

Football World Cup helps Fiji government TV programme

12:38 pm on 24 June 2010

The head of Mai TV in Fiji says a government information programme will be getting lots of viewers because it is being shown straight after a Football World Cup highlights broadcast.

The interim regime's 'Fiji Today' has been running for more than a week on Fiji's privately-owned Mai TV.

The Ministry of Information launched the programme, saying there is a need to speed up dissemination of Fiji government information to enable full and open dialogue between government and the people.

Mai TV's General Manager, David Hotchin, says the programme is broadcasting so-called good news stories.

"It's got different stories, it's got stuff about what the government is doing, as well as some colourful pieces, somebody helping an old woman cross the road sort of thing. Good sorts. We really haven't [had] any feedback regarding this."

David Hotchin, the General Manager of Mai TV.